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Welcome to SMSlam!

Sometimes you need to send a text message, and sometimes you need to send a LOT of text messages.

If you have a contract mobile device then the chances are that you have thousands of SMS messages you could send but never do, so why pay for expensive Bulk SMS gateways when you are already receive thousands of messages for ‘free’?

SMSlam allows you to send up to 1000 text messages per hour, these could be to your friends, family, co-workers, clients, customers or just about anyone anywhere! SMS is one of the most ubiquitous messaging mediums and your Android device could be the solution to your small business or social needs.

Features include:

  • Support for 10 times as many texts as a single Android App
  • Automatic reading of your contacts
  • Support for defining, updating and using groups of contacts
  • Support for multiple CSV file formats read from the sd card
  • Continuous feedback on current message availability
  • Support for large (multi-part) SMS messages

SMSlam isn’t a replacement for your current SMS inbox on your Android device, but it can replace the bulk sending of some messages. Messages such as holiday greetings, momentous occasions such as births and unfortunate occasions that may require notification to large numbers of family.

SMSlam can be used by small businesses (or individuals) to handle bulk SMS sending to employees, clients and customers (or just really big families / friends) as is desired using CSV files to hold the names and numbers being transmitted. Repeated transmissions are easy, allowing for common updates or questions to be sent to the same people as often as required.

No longer do you have to pay extra to send bulk SMS through internet gateways when you have thousands of messages on your carrier contract, no longer do you have to type the message multiple times, and no longer are you hamstrung by a low number of messages per hour – SMSlam is here to help!

SMSlam could be a lifesaver for your parents group, your bookclub, scouts, friends, family, car sharing, neighbourhood watch… In fact you are only limited by your imagination…

  1. Buk Aw says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have been unable to use this software since I paid for ad-free version. I regularly send SMS to 1000 people every week and I hoped this software would reduce time spent.
    It rejected every CSV file I sent it. I must confess it worked with a group of 50, there is no way I would have to sit down to mark a group of 1000 every week, as they change quite often.
    Do you have a sample file you could send? Or could you tell me what I am doing wrong?

    • zeetoobiker says:


      Sorry that you’re having problems with SMSlam’s CSV support, there is guidance within the app itself as to what SMSlam isn’t understanding in your csv file – and a section in the usage detailing what is expected in CSV files.

      I appreciate that this may not be clear enough so I’ve creating a additional CSV format page that provide sample and a more accessible explanation of the formats – hopefully that will answer your question, if not please let me know (emails to allow a more tailored response to your specific issue but I’m happy to use whichever medium you prefer).

  2. Dave says:

    does this work with Samsung galaxy note…don’t want to purchase and then it doesn’t work…

    • zeetoobiker says:

      I don’t see why it wouldn’t, but you can try SMSlam Ads if you want to be sure first – it has the same functionality but contains ads.

  3. aaronfosternet says:

    I just installed this app and it’s support apps If it works correctly you are the answer 2 months worth of prayers
    let us all pray

  4. Downloaded SMSlam some time ago and it seems to do what it´s supposed to do.
    BUT, as it is only available on Android smartphones,I requested that an option be provided to have the SMSlam messages transmitted,also copied to the ´regular´SMS directory. This has been done in the latest version. Installing DeskSMS on your smartphone as well as your tablet,enables the tablet to both send and receive SMS messages,hence also those transmitted by SMSlam provided you have set this option in the SNSlam setup. I find it so much easier to have all my SMSmessages in one place. GREAT APP!!

  5. Steve says:

    Hi, I’m going to try SMSlam over the next week and see how it goes, it looks promising. I want to send more SMSs per hour than my device permits so I have enabled 3 extra modules or apps, however the screen doesn’t give me any meaningful stats, it says * for Max SMS/hr 5 for Sent SMS and * for Remaining. Next to the installed apps it says installed Sent [-2147483546] Remaining [2147483547], perhaps there is a bug?
    Can you help?

    • zeetoobiker says:

      Well that definitely is a bug, but it’s only a visual bug rather than a functional problem. It appears that you’ve turned off the rate limiting (the Limit SMS per hour setting in the preferences), you shouldn’t have this turned off unless you have a rooted device. I’ll release an update to fix the counters (it’s because you’re in rooted mode but have additional relays installed it gets the numbers incorrect – my apologies that I missed testing that).

      The limitation is only applies if you send more than 100 SMS messages per hour per app, so in the case that you’ve installed 3 of the relays you would be able to send 400 messages per hour with the limit turned on (and you should have the limit turned on otherwise it’ll try to send more than 100 messages per hour per app and you’ll end up with a lot of pop-up dialogs from Android asking if you want to allow it to send each message).

      • enlightenedhope says:

        Thanks zeetoobiker, you are right, turning off the 100 SMS per hour limit ‘seemed right’ to me, I was wrong and I’ve turned it back on.
        Funny thing is, I sent 140 in 7 minutes this morning and didn’t get the pop-ups???
        I’ll give your software a good work out in the coming weeks.
        Wouldn’t mind a bigger SMS compose dialog box as some SMSs are 2 to 4 SMSs long.

        • zeetoobiker says:

          You wouldn’t get the pop-ups until a single app has exceeded 100 SMS in a rolling hour window, SMSlam gets around this by using the SMSRelay apps, each one can send it’s own 100 SMS messages per hour. The main SMSlam app simply farms work out to the additional relay apps so that no app exceeds 100 SMS in an hour, from what you’ve described your setup as you should be able to send 400 every hour (100 for the SMSlam app and 300 for the 3 different SMSRelay apps).

          I’m aware that the UI for the app isn’t that great, I was originally feature oriented I’m slowly working through UI rewrites for all my apps and SMSlam will get a rewrite and big improvement to the UI eventually but I can’t say when – it depends on how long it takes to rewrite each one.

          • enlightenedhope says:

            Thanks again, functional is always better than pretty. The other things that I need, which other software does, is when you select a group send, I would like the option to deselect a number of people in the group. Would you consider adding this?

            • zeetoobiker says:

              Makes sense to me, I’ll add that to the send confirmation when I update to fix the counters not handling rooted mode – I’d hope to have that done this week but it might slip to early next.

  6. Frank says:

    Can SMSLAM be used with google voice on my cell phone? Or is there a way to enter my originating phone # manually. I need to sent out these txt from my google voice account so I can track the conversations.

    • zeetoobiker says:

      I’ve had a quick look, I can’t test directly as unfortunately Google Voice isn’t available in the UK, but it doesn’t seem like there’s anything I can do to SMSlam to make it work – there’s no API that I could find that would allow SMSlam to use the Google Voice services.

      SMSlam doesn’t detect or specify the number when sending the SMS messages so number spoofing isn’t possible – it just uses the Android API to send each SMS (this API doesn’t allow you specify the sending number just the destination number).

      There do appear to be some apps that allow the default SMS app to send messages via Google Voice and depending on how they work (if they change the default SMS app then it won’t help, but if they intercept any SMS sent to use Google Voice then it should work) that might also allow SMSlam to send SMS via Google Voice but I’ve no way to test it and they also seem to require root permissions.

      Sorry I couldn’t help more.

  7. GaB says:

    Great app.
    I sent more than 7000 text messages in 7 hours.
    does what it promises!

  8. Gabriele says:

    Hi to all,
    I bought this app, very useful!
    I wanted to ask a question, I can not save the message text.
    I write the text of the message, I click on save.
    If you restart the application can not find the saved text.
    I’m wrong?
    Or you can create a list of SMS text already saved?

    • zeetoobiker says:

      The save function is (currently) really just saving the message for new send task – it isn’t saving the message longer term. Apologies for this not being clear in the UI, I’ll certainly add a message drafting and recording function to the next major version but the functionality isn’t likely to be changed in the current version.

  9. Aleem says:

    How is text size calculated? With the update a 116 char message is split into two. While my sms apps allow for 160 char for a single sms. The app is splitting my sms into two for some and some of my recipients are not receiving the sms.

    • zeetoobiker says:

      SMS messages are split according to SmsManager.divideMessage(), it’s a call in the underlying Android so should be exactly the same as other SMS apps unless they’re using some other mechanism – SMSlam has no control over this as it’s using the underlying Android code. This shouldn’t have changed recently, regardless of any updates as the final code send code hasn’t changed for quite a while.

      If SMSlam isn’t sending the messages it should display an error reason and why (or at least the best guess why – the Android SMS subsystem isn’t the most forthcoming with error reasons), I’m not aware of anything not being sent (other than some combination issue with duplicates in multiple groups, a fix is under beta testing at the moment and should be released at the weekend).

      If you could send me an email to I could get enough information to hopefully fix the issue, sorry that the app’s misbehaving!

  10. Lnelson says:

    I have the update &all relays. It took like 20 minutes to send 182 texts. Is this normal? What can I do to speed it up?

    • zeetoobiker says:

      Speed of sending is dependant on a few things, the rate at which your network provider responds the speed of your device and the signal of the phone. Without knowing more about your situation I can’t provide much help unfortunately. There are inefficiencies in the app itself, some can be used via the experimental ‘Simultaneous Sending’ but that requires that you root your device and remove the 100/app/hour limitation. I’m slowly working on folding the experimental changes back into the app which hopefully should improve the speed but it’s not going to be a quick process.

      If you’re after a better answer let me know about your network and device and I might be able to help more (if you don’t wish to put it on the web email me ).

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