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Welcome to Synchronous!

A simple solution to keeping files in synch between your Android device and your home machine.

Sometimes you just want to transfer some files to and from your computer and your Android device, sometimes you don’t want to involve external services and worry about 3G usage or if the cloud vendor is going to charge you or take any of your files.

With Synchronous files are only ever transferred to where you want them, no synchronising with a server in the control of a 3rd party!


Main features:

  • Single screen setup
  • Simple configuration
  • Built in browsers to locate machines
  • Multiple different directories can be transferred to the same share
  • User/Password secured shares supported
  • Background Wifi transfer
  • Download / delete changes on non-master copy
  • Adaptive wakelocks optimised for transfer speed

All you need to do is configure Synchronous to use a particular shared directory and what parts of your SD card you wish to synchronise with that shared directory and Synchronous will take care of the rest.

As Synchronous works only over Wifi it will never try to send any of your files over the network, only your local Wifi connection – however Synchronous will keep your files up to date once you connect to your Wifi network again.

Adding files to your device can be as easy as dragging and dropping to a shared folder on your computer and letting Synchronous do the rest!

Give Synchronous a try and take back control of your data!

  1. Zinc says:

    Thanks for writing Synchronous. There is nothing on the market remotely like this, and as far I as have been able to discover, neither Google nor any hardware manufacturer has seen fit to provide a local syncing tool. For example, Lenovo’s utility (which is Windows only) pushes to the device only, which is useless if you’ve done any work on the Android device. I don’t want to use the magical cloud, but in any case DropBox is also push-only, and it’s very easy to accidentally overwrite your Android data.

    Could you please add USB syncing? Wifi won’t work if you’re away from home, which is very limiting. Synchronous should also be truly “bi-directional,” by which I mean capable of syncing both ways, all the time, with selectable criteria–something like SyncBack for Windows. I haven’t been able to get Synchronous to work yet, but the direction appears to be manually switched, without any rules regarding differences in file age, size, etc. I also noticed that the location browser on the Android side can’t see sub-folders (for example, data directories on an SD card). Fuller, clearer. and more consistent language on the settings dialogs would also be helpful. It’s very technical. Also, the on-screen keyboard covers your menus when it pops up.

    Thanks again!

    • zeetoobiker says:

      Thanks for the feedback, I’ve sent you an email to help clarify a few points as to the issues you’ve been having so I can update the app.

      But Synchronous should be able to see sub-folders, but I’m not happy with the UI currently that might not make this obvious.

      Synchronous should be transferring items in both directions automatically all that you specify is that one is a master and one is a slave (actual hashing comparisons is very slow as you’d have to transfer everything to the device) in the case of a conflict of changes.

      Synchronous does check the last modified time, and file size to determine if a transfer should occur – but I really understand the UI isn’t great. I wasn’t happy with the UI when I released it but I decided that I’d release and see if there was enough interest to justify spending more time on it.

  2. Zinc says:

    PS: Above comment relates to ad-supported version on Honeycomb 3.1.

  3. Zinc says:

    PPS: In short, MTP is making my life difficult, and precludes the use of any existing computer-side sync tool. Anything you can do to overcome Android’s built-in limitations would be a godsend. Thanks again.

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