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Welcome to Unread Gmail Widget!

This app is very simple, very small and very functional.

The Unread Gmail Widget is literally that, it’s a widget that displays the unread count of gmail messages.

Unlike other widgets this works with all versions of the GMail app to date, including the recent 2.3.5 update.

Features include!

  • Simple just install setup
  • No IMAP / data connections
  • Very responsive (as fast as the gmail app itself)
  • Accurate – shows exactly the same unread count as the gmail app itself
  • Works with gmail 2.3.5 and above
  • No polling, so no battery impact

If you’re after a gmail widget that just works, then Unread Gmail Widget is the widget for you!

  1. Scott says:

    Hi – I know it’s only $1, and that’s not much money at all, but I wish you had a trial/demo version so I could install it & see if it works for me. I’d happily pay for something if it does what I want & does it well, but I’m unlikely to pay for something if there’s no solid guarantee, and by that, I mean at least a few days…

    Also, is it possible to re-skin or change the widget icon (using something like Go Launcher EX, for example)? There’s nothing wrong with the default, but it doesn’t match my current theme, so it would really look out of place.

    I just replaced my aging TouchPro2 with a Sprint GS2, and I’m new to Android, so I appreciate your help, and your patience with my newbie questions!


    • zeetoobiker says:

      Hi, I can appreciate wanting to try it out first so I’ll launch a demo version, it shouldn’t take too long to do so it should be out today.

      I appreciate the desire to skin the widgets and it’s something that was considered before launch – it really depends on how popular the app is, if nobody is interested then the investment to skin the widget is wasted.

      Once the demo version is launched then I guess the uptake and feedback on that will make help make the decision over adding skinning to the widget.

      No problem with the questions, always happy to help.

  2. Markus says:


    unfortunatly the widget is not working for me.
    The changs in unread mail are not seen by the widget.
    When I click the the widget, I see under “accounts &unread Counts” No Accounts Detected.

    I am using:

    HTC Sensation 2.3.4
    Gmail app version

    Oh an maybe important i am using a google apps account.
    I hope you can help me.



    • zeetoobiker says:


      I use the widget with and it works so that shouldn’t be the issue, but unfortunately I don’t have a google apps account to test with so I can’t be certain if it will work with it. I believe it should function though – I would be surprised if the gmail app used a different mechanism for an app account vs a normal account.

      It sounds like you’ve sent yourself a message to change the unread count (or you’ve just received a message to change the unread count) which is the usual solution to the problem, I’ll see what I can do to test this and let you know – I’ll send you an email later today with whatever I find.

      Sorry that it’s not working first time, I appreciate it’s frustrating but I’ll get back to you asap with whatever I can find out!

      • Markus says:


        thank you for your swift reply.
        I can supply you with a google apps test account form me if you want ?


  3. zeetoobiker says:

    That would be brilliant Markus! I’ve sent you an email.

  4. Pedro Magalhaes says:

    I’m also getting the “no accounts detected” error. I’m running gmail (no google apps, just a plain gmail account) on a Samsung Galaxy S II. Is there any workaround for this?


    • zeetoobiker says:

      Unfortunately not quite – I’d suggest sending yourself an email and waiting for the gmail notification to pop up since it’ll only detect an account when a change occurs. If you’ve already done this and nothing has happened could you send an email to developer@waxsoft.co.uk so we can go through some more debug?

  5. Pedro Magalhaes says:


    I just made what you said and the error disappeared but now the widget is acting really strange, sometimes i have 1 unread mail and the widget shows as having 2, sometimes i have 1 unread mail and the widget shows none. I’m using the demo version but i think the code is the same as the full version right?


    • zeetoobiker says:

      Yeah I’m aware that this occurs occasionally (and am working on a fix) – it seems to depend on the configuration of the accounts, the device and some internal state of the gmail app – it usually settles down in time but it occasionally isn’t as reliable for some small time periods – although some people never see the problem, some people see it for a short while and then never again etc.

      There’s a new version being developed that fixes this occasional miscount problem and it should be released this week barring any more issues.

      The demo version and the full version have pretty much the same codebase so should exhibit the same behaviour – if the demo isn’t working for you I’d not suggest getting the full version just yet.

  6. Pedro Magalhaes says:

    I’ll wait for the new version to come out then to see if it works for me. If it does i’ll buy the full version.
    If you could remind me as soon as it gets out i’d very much appreciate it.
    Good luck with the coding.


  7. Pedro Magalhaes says:

    It seems that clearing Gmail data in Applications / Manage Applications stopped the erratic behaviour. Purchasing full version.


    • zeetoobiker says:

      I’d not thought of that (and I really should have, sorry)! I’ll also give that a try on the device I currently have it failing on – might explain some of the behaviour and why it only happens for a while and then recovers. Thanks for letting me know – I’ve been trying to compile the behaviour and triggers for failure and this looks like it might be very useful.

  8. Pedro Magalhaes says:

    Hmm i spoke too soon… the erratic behaviour reappeared.. and clearing gmail data and cache didn’t help this time…I’ll wait for the updated version to see if this gets fixed..

    • zeetoobiker says:

      Odd – obviously there’s more at work than just that – since it did resolve the issue on the test device that was failing. Still the next version is nearly ready and should resolve it – sorry for the delay – I’ll get it out asap.

  9. Pedro Magalhaes says:

    Ok no problem! thanks for your efforts.

  10. John says:

    I purchased the app, and it looks great so far. By any chance do you have an icon that is the same as the Gmail app icon? You include one that is similar, but it is slighly larger that the actual Gmail icon.

    • zeetoobiker says:

      Sorry that size is incorrect – this was down to not knowing exactly how to handle the different screen densities / launcher sizes and spacings. There’s a fix for this in the next release both for built in and custom icons – the aim is to make it line up and scale to the same size as the launcher icons you may have on your homescreen (which is what you’re after I believe).

      I hope to have it released soon – but it may be delayed until after the weekend, it should be out either tomorrow or on the 27th – apologies that it’s not sooner but it’s a busy time!

      • mongoose says:

        I have evo3d by sprint and the icons does not line up either but the app seems to work great thanks for that

        • zeetoobiker says:

          The latest v1.1.3 version of the app (released yesterday) has additional lining up corrections but there may always be something that needs to be tweaked for each device, screen size, density, launcher and android version all can have an effect as there’s no defined way to simulate a launcher icon. If you’d like to help me align it on your device please let me know and I can probably work with you to align it and release an updated version with those sizings in place.

  11. Mheudorf says:

    How do you remove demo program without uninstalling purchased program?

    • zeetoobiker says:

      Without knowing the device the easiest way to uninstall an app is to head to Google Play and look at the product page for the demo version, this should have an uninstall button (and an open button) for the demo version and allow you to uninstall it.

      If you do happen to uninstall the purchased version this isn’t a permanent problem as once you’ve purchased an app from Google Play you can re-download it multiple times, simply uninstall the demo version and then reinstall the full version – you won’t have to pay a second time.

  12. me says:

    Follow up from yesterday’s comments: All emails are now showing, including Google apps emails.

  13. Sergio says:

    What should be the size of icon counter? I try to use a 96×96 pixel icon but it appears very small.

    • zeetoobiker says:

      The counter icon changes size dynamically depending on the size of the text inside it – the fonts sizes vary from device to device and if you start getting larger number it has to expand to compensate for it.

      One issue with size would be the amount of whitespace around the image, as the image is measured based on total size, not visible size it can skew the sizing.

      There is no way currently to vary the size of the font from the app so the size is pretty much fixed unfortunately.

      • Sergio says:

        But I’ve used an icon with the same size, resolution and format like the icons you use by default (png, 38 pix/cm, 96×96, etc., I have looked inside the apk file), but the result is a very smal icon on the screen.

        • zeetoobiker says:

          Whoops, I’ve just gone through that code again and you’re right, it looks like there’s a bug there, it’s scaling it according to the overall size of the icon rather than the relevant size of the counter background – I’m still puzzled about why it’s so small but this is definitely incorrect. Sorry about that (and especially for not realising it earlier!) – I’ll get a fix for that out shortly, either this week or early next, I’ll send you an email once it’s on Google Play.

          • Sergio says:

            I’m glad I helped you to locate an error and to improve the program!

            By the way, the translation into Spanish is quite bad …

            • zeetoobiker says:

              Sorry I didn’t approve this comment for a while, I missed the notification!

              In regards to the Spanish translation, I’m aware it’s bad (or at least I assume it is) as I’ve simply used the Google Translate function (and unfortunately I don’t speak very much Spanish at all – I simply noticed a number of complaints and a largish number of Spanish users). I know it’s not good but professional translation would exceed the income on the app (especially the Spanish only version) so it’s not viable – if you were interested I’d happily send you the Spanish resource file to translate and include it, but I appreciate it’s quite a bit of time and effort for someone to do.

  14. John says:

    Hello, I am having trouble with the icon scaling. If I check the “Launcher Scale” setting, the icon is tiny – if I uncheck it, the icon is huge. I am using an HTC Droid DNA running Android O/S 4.1.1.

    • zeetoobiker says:

      It sounds like the settings it’s picking up for your device are incorrect. Could you install this app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.waxsoft.launcherwidgetsizing and follow the instructions to size the widget for your device? Once I get that information I’ll release an update with the correct sizing.

      • John says:

        Thanks! I installed the App and just emailed the information to you. I tried to line it up and estimate it as best I can. I could not get the text location to move around using the icon in your sizer App, but it was fairly close to lined up with the other icon text.

        • zeetoobiker says:

          I’ve just received the email with the sizing and looking through the code it appears that the default sizing would be about a quarter of what you need for the Droid DNA! That’s a huge screen! I’ll get that changed and uploaded shortly – I’ll send you an email when it’s been uploaded to Google Play but it should be tomorrow morning.

          Thanks for the feedback!

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